Encouraging Curiosity and Innovation

Forest Street Primary is very proud of its excellent school library – a valuable resource and learning centre for all students. Kept up-to-date and smoothly running by our excellent librarian, Marlie Feeney, our library contains the resources and texts required to foster exploration from students. Our school library really is a place that supports and fosters a love of reading.

A sanctuary, a mine of treasure, a house of maps to secret lives in secret worlds … – the library became my other home. – Joy Cowley, author of “Mrs Wishy Washy”

Upcoming Events
  1. Dental Van Visit

    October 3 - October 7
  2. Grade 3/4 Earth Ed

    October 11
  3. Grade 3/4 Camp

    October 19 - October 21
  4. Grade 3/4 Earth Ed Outreach

    October 25
  5. Didjeribone

    October 26
Forest Street Primary School