School Values

The school values at Forest Street are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Working Together

These values are not only important for the students, but for the staff as well. Leading by example gives the staff a chance to show students just what can be achieved when they have values and goals.


Staff at Forest Street endeavour to instill a value of respect in students not only to each other and to staff, but to all things. It is recognised at our school that everyone has value and everyone deserves to be respected. This value of respect is also applied to other living things and to property. By valuing respect, students then learn how to respect themselves – both as a human being and as a learner.


The time is always right, to do what is right – Martin Luther King, JR.

All students at Forest Street Primary School begin learning how to be responsible from the very start of their schooling. Students learn to be independent thinkers and learners by taking responsibility for their learning. Children being to understand that all decisions are their own to make, and how their own responsibility can shape the person they will become.

Working Together

Working together is a key part of functioning in a healthy society. All students at our school learn to work together and apply themselves to a common goal. Students learn the value of taking on different roles within a group, and how each role has associated responsibility. Teamwork is key in many areas of life, so this skill is something taught specifically.

Forest Street Primary School