Specialist Programs

Forest Street Primary School offers a variety of specialist programs to students in all year levels. All students, throughout the course of their time at Forest Street, will participate in P.E., Chinese, Visual and Performing Arts. All of the teaching and learning in these classes is aligned to the curriculum.

Students get the chance to learn in a variety of contexts outside of their normal classroom setting. Whether learning the intricacies of different sports and athletics in P.E., or how to be part of a global community during Chinese time, students are always broadening their knowledge.

Forest Street also boasts an excellent visual and performing arts program. Students regularly participate in art shows, as well as whole school performances. Our school choir, “Voices of the Forest”, has performed at many events to great acclaim.

Forest Street Primary is proud of all specialist programs it offers. From the always energising P.E. with Mr Simpkin, the amazing MMADD (Music, Media Arts, Dance, and Drama) program with Miss Hirst, Visual Arts with the passionate artist, Karen, or Chinese with Jung Laoshi – all students are assured to be engaged in learning across a wide variety of curriculum areas.

Forest Street Primary School