The Four Positive Learning Behaviours

At Forest Street Primary School we teach Four Positive Learning Behaviours from the very beginning of school. With the learning of these behaviours, students will have a happy and productive time at school. These behaviours ensure that student attitudes towards learning is healthy, and that students can get the most out of their school days. The four positive behaviours are:

  • Being Organised
  • Having a Go
  • Staying Determined
  • Working Together

Being Organised

It is important to be organised so that learning can be effective. An organised learner is a learner will have the ability to complete learning tasks efficiently and effectively.

By teaching students how to be organised at school, we are setting students up with an important life-skill that can be transferred out of the classroom and set them up well for their journey into the world.

Having a Go

The first step in learning a new skill is to have a go. Many children may be reluctant to step into the unknown – being afraid of failure or afraid of what will come. It is important for learners to take reasonable risks in their learning – this is the way they will extend themselves out of their comfort zone and gain new skills.

Being a good learner means having a go, seeing yourself as capable, and taking reasonable risks.

Staying Determined

Learning requires persistence. Students at Forest Street learn to stay determined in all tasks. Students understand that something that requires patience and persistence is always worth the effort that is put in. By staying determined in their learning, students are becoming cementing ideas and concepts, making sure they learn for life.

Working Together

Teamwork is a vital skill in all areas of life, not just while at school. By learning how to work together, children are laying the foundations of success. Students at Forest Street work in groups and teams from the very beginning of their school career – not just with other children their own age, but with children from other grade levels as well.

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