Swimming Program Begins

The swimming program for 2020 runs for 8 weeks, throughout term 1. Students will swim on either a Tuesday or a Thursday at Swim and Survival Academy in Wendouree.

Students will walk down with their classroom teacher and a buddy grade. After swimming they will walk back to school. 

Parents are welcome to join their classes for the walk to or from the pool, and are encouraged to come along and watch their child learn this essential life skill.

Below is the timetable for when classes will be in the pool:


11:45 – 2J and 5/6W

12:15 – 1T and 5/6SB

12:45 – 1N and 5/6BC

1:15 2K and 5/6F


11:45 – FS, 3/4PB and 3/4M

12:15 – FM and 3/4 H

12:45 – FH and 3/4CB

Students will leave school approximately 30 minutes prior to their swimming time.

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